Yuki Fujiwara


Yuki Fujiwara

Yuki Fujiwara is a Japanese artist born in 1978 in Shizuoka. In 2006, she graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts, before moving from 2009 to 2011, a few years in the United States, conducting research on behalf of Japanese Cultural Affairs.

Fujiwara sees himself very soon devote personal exhibitions: in 2006 it is the Sato Museum of Art of Tokyo which exposes his work, followed by the Shizugin Gallery and the Sompo Japan Museum of Art in 2010, by the Gallery Eginu at Art Fair Tokyo (in 2013 than in 2015), and many more. The artist receives various awards honoring the quality and inventiveness of his work like the Grand Prix of the 16th Biennial of Fugaku in 2003 or the School Encouragement Prize of the Prefecture of Shizuoka in 2007.

Fujiwara's work bears witness to a real obsession with painting. His work has a multitude of facets and new aspects; under an apparent and original provocation, one discovers, as the eye penetrates the canvas, the humor and the irony that the artist breathes into it. The title also takes on a sarcastic character, even derisory - sometimes even committed - and then appears as a key to understanding the work.

Frequently endowed with a complex and heterogeneous iconography, the compositions stage a myriad of often hybrid beings - whales with pachyderm seats, geese with human trunks or squirrels whose tail has been ingeniously transformed into a cosmetic brush.

Thanks to his perfect mastery of a totally Western technique, oil on canvas, Fujiwara gives life to a colorful and abundant world, straight out of his wonderful imagination.