Maiko Kitagawa


Maiko Kitagawa

Maiko Kitagawa is a Japanese artist and illustrator born in 1983 in Saitama. She joined the Tokyo University of the Arts in 2005, where she will continue her training until 2014.

Kitagawa’s works are unique due to her original technique, which she has developed throughout her study, using a grease pencil. She knew how to exploit its artistic potential, giving an exceptional depth to her works with progressive creation of the pictorial layer with this medium.

Her artworks escaped the concept of colours. Kitagawa explains her irresistible attraction towards the black, which is the source of a mysterious atmosphere characterising her artwork.

She depicts the world of imagination, which is inspired by tales as well as the reality from her past. As it is the world of black and white, the audience can concentrate on its content and subjects, and this particular black created by the effect of grease pencil curiously draws attention into her world.