Shingo Muramoto


Shingo Muramoto

Shingo Muramoto is a contemporary Japanese lacquer artist. He was born in Ishikawa prefecture in 1970 and graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, which is the best art school in Japan.

"Lacquer" is a Japanese craft that is a wide range of fine decorative art that has its roots in the Jomon period (300BCE). In recent years, to keep the tradition of the craftsmanship, the Japanese government has established Living National Treasure to encourage the contemporary form of Lacquer arts.
While lacquer art is considered to be something substantial, Muramoto changed its conventional idea completely. He was inspired by the movement of the trees in nature and sought to create a sense of lightness and tension simultaneously.

The essential aspect of his works is the idea of
"Kyosei" (symbiosis), the interaction between one to another within nature. His keen interests reminded him of the importance of each material that he uses. Each material brings unique characteristics, and the work can only be established throughout this relationship.