Miyuki Tsugami


Miyuki Tsugami

Japanese artist born in Tokyo in 1973, Miyuki Tsugami grew up in Osaka. In 1998, she graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design. In 2003, she participated in the Royal Ueno-No-Mori Museum, in the VOCA (Vision Of Contemporary Art) event dedicated to Japan's most promising emerging artists. Miyuki Tsugami is awarded the Grand Prix VOCA. She is selected to participate in the Artist-in-Residence program of the Ohara Art Museum (founded in 1930 and then the only museum in Japan to present Western artists).

Since 2002, she has regularly participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Japan, China, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Since 2016, the Galerie Tamenaga has represented her in France.

Miyuki Tsugami considers herself a "contemporary painter of landscapes. Her canvases are inspired by her experience with nature. Like the
Impressionists, she has interest in atmospheric and coloured variations and in the changings appearing during the day. She dwells on a motif and often represents it several times, in watercolour or pastel. From these sketches drawn on the spot, in-situ, Tsugami then composes canvases, reworked in her studio. The title will reveal the place, but also the date and time of the scene.

Through her paintings, she reveals her impressions, her sensations in the modern world around her or in the nature she observes. Painted with broad brush strokes on the canvas, the colours, although lively, are organized in subtle harmonies that draws the viewer into an irresistible dream.