BRAFA 2020

Galerie Tamenaga is taking an opportunity to organise a small retrospective of the work of Bernard Buffet at the BRAFA art fair in Brussel. Buffet who was one of the most famous French painters of the 20th century. In a choice of 14 artworks, we will invite you to see the progression of style developed over the course.

Take the opportunity to see the rare artworks from the 1940s, the famous clown, and museum-quality of 240 x 280cm significant work known as the “L’oiseau Rouge.”

In addition to that, there will be selected artworks of “Ecole de Paris”, French Abstract painters, and several art works of Takehiko Sugawara.

We will be waiting for you at 77C

January 23 - February 02

Avenue du Port 88

1000 Bruxelles


11:00 - 19:00