Lorenzo Fernández


Lorenzo Fernández

Born in Madrid, Spain, in 1970. He began studying traditional Spanish Baroque painting techniques from age fourteen, then studied under the leading conceptual artist Pedro Galvan from 1993. Fernández’s work, painted by delicate brushwork, creates a new direction of realism which cannot be represented in photography, blurring the focus in unrealistic way and incorporating multiple viewpoints took from various angles. the subjects attracting the painter, such as children's play tools, parts of industrial products that are no longer needed, and rose buds, are arranged to in a carefully planned composition to tell his story. He sometimes shows his playfulness through his work, painting himself that it is so small that the viewers miss it. The work that reflects the painter's pure heart has an incomparable sense of brightness and sublimeness. Since his first solo exhibition in Paris in 2006, he has been remarkably active in the world and attracted the attention of the art world.