Arata Higuchi

Born in Mie in 1988. Studied artistic expression at the graduate school of Kyoto University of Art and Design. Utilizing the colors of mineral pigments, Higuchi develops his own unique world of themes of flora and fauna of the natural world with his precise pointillism. The vividly colored dots of lapis lazuli, peacock stone, and turquoise are skillfully arranged so that the tones of each color complement each other, and the painting is overflowing with the artist’s unique freshness. As to the subject, he likes to depict chameleons as symbols of the complex emotions of human beings.Higuchi was greatly influenced by the way of life and expression of Jakuchu Ito, and in particular, he learned from the master the technique of expressing motifs without outlines. While sharing the same world view as Jakuchu with vivid colors, lively motifs, and rhythmical compositions, Higuchi has established his own unique and distinctive style.

Sélection d'œuvres

  • Moonlit Night

  • Les trois Panthères et Jackson