Mamiko Takayanagi

Born in 1976 in Kyoto. Completed the Master’s program in Painting at Tama Art University. After that, from 2003 to 2009, she studied at the Department of Painting, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, Germany. Completed her diploma at the top of her class (Meister title). Looking up at the sky and feeling the wind in the changing seasons, she creates paintings on the theme of ‘the landscape I was in’ by replacing the landscape of each moment with color and form. She express her ‘life’ that existed in that place in the past, the ‘nature’ within it, and the impressions and sensations she experienced, as landscape paintings. She is  pursuing to delve deeper into the ‘inner nature’ and ‘spirituality’ that is always present in herself and express it in her work. In ‘Back then, at that place’ and ‘Morning walkway’, she depicts ‘the landscape where I was’ from a bird’s eye view on Google Maps.

Selected artworks

  • Then and There

  • Morning walkway

  • walking with you in spring

  • walk in the thawing city