Yurika Kinoshita

Born in Saga, Japan, in 1988, Yurika Kinoshita studied spatial production design at the Kyoto University of Art and Design and Musashino Art University.
Kinoshita creates abstract representations of flowers and plants from her childhood memories, drawing inspiration from her upbringing in a family of flower producers. Influenced by Abstract Expressionism, Kinoshita’s works emphasise spontaneous and personal emotional expression. The artist’s works evoke expressive dynamism and lyricism, moving back and forth between the past and present through visual memories that get hazier with every movement. Kinoshita’s creative process is to paint with her bare hands. Painting by hand not only allows her to express the free and organic movement of plants, but it is also an extension of her memories and physical senses, a necessary dialogue in bringing the visual image to the canvas.

Sélection d'œuvres

  • Cherry Blossom