Wataru Ozu

Born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1991, Wataru Ozu completed his master’s degree in oil painting at the Tokyo University of the Arts. His works, expressed in light and bright colours, are often simple in composition and provide the viewer with a sense of healing and peacefulness. His artistic inspiration derives from different techniques and expressions of both the West and the East, seeking to find a new way of painting that crosses the two styles.
In his ‘On the Ground’ series, he places familiar motifs, like apples, on the floor of his studio. This succeeds in expressing his subject beyond the limited space of the Western still-life paintings, offering a relaxed representation of space influenced by his Japanese heritage.
Ozu has been attracting attention in Japan and abroad, receiving further acclaim at an exhibition in Paris in 2021.

Selected artworks

  • Apples on the Table

  • Still life with Fruit Bowl and Cherry Blossoms

  • Face -Sea Bathing-

  • Apples on the Ground

  • Salmon and Camellias on the Table