18 May 2024 - 16 June 2024


We are delighted to announce that Galerie Taménaga will present an exhibition Monochrome from 18 May (Saturday) to 16 June (Sunday) 2024. This exhibition features black and white works by 21 artists including French modern masters and contemporary artists from both domestic and international scenes, showcasing more than 40 pieces.

Throughout the history of art, artists have gazed into the world of black and white, contemplating their own emotions, inner selves and motifs. In the 20th century, Bernard Buffet expressed his naïve emotions through powerful brushstrokes in his figurative paintings whereas Tsuguharu Foujita created works with considerably delicate lines drawn with Japanese brush and ink. Regarding contemporary artists, Chen Jiang-Hong, a Chinese-born French artist, has created unique abstract paintings that blend Eastern and Western aesthetics, and his new paintings will be presented there. Among Japanese artists, Takehiko Sugawara depicts magnificent natural landscapes using traditional Japanese burnt pine ink on washi paper, while Maiko Kitagawa creates enchanting worlds with only black grease pencils.

Today, the expression and techniques of black and white works have diversified into various forms. We hope you to enjoy the diverse expressions that emerge from the limited palette of colors.

Selected artworks

  • On the way home No.32

  • First Blooming

  • Pastroke 30

  • Secchubai

  • Thunderstorm

  • Rosa y maquina de tren Ⅱ

  • Look Forward Then, Always Worked for Me

  • Sans titre



1040061 TOKYO

11:00-19:00 MON to SAT /
11:00-17:00 SAN and HOLIDAYS