Daiya Yamamoto

Born in Nara in 1986, Daiya Yamamoto majored in oil painting at Hiroshima City University. Yamamoto immerses himself in the trompe-l’oeil technique, in which he interprets a new dimension to the genre with photographic precision and minimal composition. Yamamoto reduces the number of his subjects as much as possible, leaving nothing but essentials. In his representative work, only one small flower is drawn in ample white space, emphasizing its simplicity and sophistication. Yamamoto paints lines and points made of thin threads and pins into the composition, creating a sense of stability. At times, the artist disrupts the motifs with abstract elements like large margins, uneven patterns of Post-it notes, lines of tape, ribbons, threads, and points made of pins. Even though Yamamoto creates still-life paintings of familiar things, he also produces suggestive worlds by providing an insight into his life and the invented fraction of his imagination. Yamamoto’s refined and minimal aesthetic in composition creates a still life of the contemporary world with a Japanese sensibility.

Selected artworks

  • Gentian

  • Noble Lily

  • Ornamental onion





  • Nouvel Horizon Japon

  • Stay Art Home