Yuki Fujiwara

Yuki Fujiwara studied at the Tokyo University of the Arts, where she graduated in 2006. It was through oil painting on canvas that Fujiwara revealed herself during her years of study. Her technical mastery and talent for composition earned her early recognition, punctuated by several national awards and solo exhibitions at the Sato Museum from 2006 and at the Sumpu Museum de Shizuoka in 2015.

Fujiwara’s work stands out for its subversiveness. Inspired by both Japanese artistic heritage, particularly by eroticism and naturalism, and by Western surrealist movements, Fujiwara masterfully blends these influences. Her imagination allows her to create a unique artistic universe, where surreal elements mingle with a complex and eclectic iconography. Through her works, she questions concepts of good and evil, reality and fiction, as well as notions of violence, desire, sexuality, and humanity.

Fujiwara’s work is characterized by striking realism, a profusion of meticulously executed details prompting deep reflection on the nature of human existence. Her works often evoke underlying violence, not in a physical sense, but rather in the deconstruction of established social norms. Humour and sarcasm are key elements of Fujiwara’s artistic arsenal. She skillfully uses them to subvert viewer expectations and engage in a subversive dialogue on sensitive subjects such as ecology, consumption, or animal welfare. Through biting satire, her works expose the absurdities generated by humanity and the paradoxes of our contemporary society. She also explores the boundaries of morality through Dionysian imagery. Under the influence of Japanese animation codes, a form of eroticism seeps into her compositions, imbuing them with subtle and enigmatic sensuality, even orgiastic.

Through anthropomorphic figures and surreal situations, Fujiwara captures the essence of the human condition. She confronts the viewer with their own contradictions and deep desires, inviting them to explore the darkest corners of their imagination through avant-garde, unique, and captivating visual language.

Selected artworks

  • Decoration

  • Win the Heart

  • Busy Place

  • Utility Value