Yui Mizuno

Born in Osaka in 1982. Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design, Department of Arts and Crafts, Japanese Painting Course.

She takes as her themes and motifs the things she is attracted to and interested in, and extracts colors from them, combining and reconstructing them to create a new view of the world, while keeping close to the originals. ‘The Inside’ uses a photograph of a person as a motif, extracting the colors from the surface of the model and placing the colors on the canvas while thinking about the inner life of the model. In ‘Plants’, she visited a botanical garden and recreated the colors of plants from photographs she had taken. In ‘Lights’, white lines represent light running in the dark.

Selected artworks

  • Lights

  • Window

  • Landscape

  • Mode

  • Cafe

  • Tricolor

  • Flowers Ⅱ