Aïzpiri (1919-2016) : Exhibition of the Centenary

21 March 2019 - 11 April 2019


Paul Aïzpiri was born in Paris on May 14th 2019. From March 21st to April 11th 2019, the Tamenaga Gallery will celebrate the centenary of this genius artist’s birth, through a major anniversary exhibition.

In 1957, Kiyoshi Tamenaga, founder of the gallery, made his first trip to Paris. He met Paul Aïzpiri at the Galerie Pétridès and instantly admired his work. From 1969 and the opening of the first Galerie Taménaga in Tokyo, Aïzpiri and Kiyoshi Taménaga signed a contract and began a friendship that would last until the painter’s death, in 2016.

While the art world was turning to America and its avant-gardes, Paul Aïzpiri never yielded to the temptation of abstraction. Armed with an exceptional artistic personality and the unwavering support of his dealer and friend, Kiyoshi Taménaga, he evolved and never stopped renewing his art, while keeping a personal aesthetic signature, recognisable among them all.




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