23 May 2024 - 15 June 2024


Opening night : Thursday 23rd May 2024

Galerie Taménaga is pleased to announce an exhibition dedicated to the French artist Paul Aïzpiri (1919-2016). This retrospective will highlight the humor and tenderness that permeate the artist’s paintings, where surrealism intertwines with childhood. Featuring a range of works from the 1950s to his most recent creations, this exhibition will be an opportunity to rediscover his stylistic evolution. It will also pay tribute to the deep friendship between Paul Aïzpiri and Kiyoshi Taménaga, shedding light on their unbreakable artistic bond since 1971 until the artist’s passing. A unique opportunity to explore this universe where love, joy, and passion illuminate each canvas, in an atmosphere that is both familiar and timeless.

Selected artworks

  • L’atelier et l’Infante

  • Beauvallon 2

  • Maïa

  • Le Palais des Doges

  • Nature morte

  • La tulipe jaune

  • Nature morte au pique-cierge